Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blogs To Leave You With

Ok! Well, I think that's it for this adventure...I'm glad I finally wrapped it up! I don't have plans right now to post all the photos in albums but I may get inspired to in the future when I'm not traveling and my time frees up. For now, I am already deep into my next adventure, out in South Dakota and running daily to fundraise for the next! You can follow me at my 'summer blog' -

and here are some other blogs/sites you might want to keep in your sights...

some friends mentioned on these trips!:
JENNIFER FALK GRAY (Neenah, WI) - poetry and other thoughts

GERRY CHING (Chicago, IL) - manning a Mobile Prayer Station in Wicker Park

ALLY SPOTTS (Portland, OR) - mostly about Christian dating/relationships

& other websites related to Leaving Brixton posts:
ART (NY) - prints, paintings (NM) - furniture

KIDS' CLOTHING (NM) - screen-printing

MUSIC (MN) - noisy intelligent pop (TN) - folk & rock/alternative (WA) - acoustic/folk kinda like India Arie

PREACHING (IN) - Tom Robbins, planted w/in Chicago

Thanks so much for being a part of my travels this past May/June!

Besos & blessings, Christy

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